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The Story. The story is important. Exploring the characters is important to said story, but we, and by we I mean TV and video game producers have totally lost it. With every new game and show for the last eight years I have seen more and more of the same shit. This namby-pamby `explore the character' bullshit we're getting.

What happened to the hero? Why do all our protagonists need to be 'human' and 'deep' at their very creation? It leaves nothing to explore.

The most resent example I have seen is Stargate Universe. During the first episodes we are tossed headlong into a pile of back-story we don't need. The people in charge seem to have forgotten that building a character is a process and attempting to front-load too much of that at the beginning is one of many mistakes being made as these producers are feebly attempting to `explore' their pre-made semi cookie-cutter `characters'. But I go too far, classic characters are perfectly legit, and personally I like them. But they take time, and the Stargate guys should have known this. You don't get a Samantha Carter in one season. She takes time to grow into dynamic character with the plot of the show, not the edicts or intentions of the writer.


As to SciFi, all anyone wants nowsdays seem to be this so-called 'hard-scifi', I am sick and tired of the asswipes who rant on about 'not real enough', or 'that doesn't work that way'. As soon as you introduce intergalactic flight the whole damn book of 'rules' gets thrown out the window. You have to introduce a fantastic element or all you get is what science fiction has become; a shity drama set in the future. I hate what Battlestar Galactica did to the style, it turned it from science FICTION into science DRAMA, and now you and people like you want to pump that shit to maximum and make it SCIENCE DRAMA. Well I have news for you, you neo-barb: BSG is not SciFi, Stargate Universe was not SciFi, Heroes was not even SciFi they only added smearing of 'realistic' background so they could pass their tripe off as science. Well bub, i don't need the added level 'oooh this could happen' to enjoy a story. (note i said STORY not DRAMA)

Modern TV has so blurred the line between fake and real by slathering a veneer of 'science' over everything; I think it started with CSI. Do you really think that crime scene investigators get a badge and work in big ultra-modern building with dozens of co-workers and all the best lab equipment? Well, thousands of people did and they signed up for forensics classes, many even made though most of the course without realizing the fact that CSI is done in a cramped closet buy an average of three people who have to make do with out-of-date equipment, they don't get a badge, they don't go out (often) and they certainly don't make arrests.

What CSI did to the cop drama BSG & Heroes has done to SciFi; gummed it up all sorts of bull-shit that is incidental and meaningless but capped in a veneer of truth so thick the idiots think its only a slight exaggeration; a 'hard' fiction with only a slight bend. Well, people who can fly is just as realistic as ships that can teleport instantly across hundreds of thousands of light-years: So, we then have two possibilities, you can either keep whining about it ‘not being hard enough’(when the use of ‘hard’ as an adjective in this case is ill-defined at best) and then fuck off or you can e-mail me and add the ‘hardness’ you so seek to the setting before I fill it with magical space spoors that grant mysterious powers to those who prostrate themselves before the monoliths from the before-time.

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Words. You can start wars with them, you can bring peace with them, make laughter or tears with them, or in my case, be really, really annoying. But that’s what I do, I annoy you about something to make you think on what you do.

If someone accidentally sticks their hand in a blender and turns it on, the first words out of my mouth will be, ‘nice move, retard’ in very sarcastic tone. I figure that you already know it hurts and you are not alright, so I don’t ask what everyone else does when they see an accident, ‘are you ok?’

But I digress. Words. They have meaning. There are, as I see it, two reasons to use a word; one is the exact meaning and the other is the feel or image it evokes when read or spoken aloud. Its like ‘red’ and ‘crimson’. Their meaning is basically the same but to most people who read, truly read the meaning of words they are quite different. So as you read these collected thoughts, warnings and ramblings, please Remember: I use the actual meaning of a word, not what you may think it means.

Also while it may not always be my intent to offend or debase, as a theoretically free human of earth and the United States I will offend when I so choose, whether with a gaseous expelling of offensive olfactory stimulus, or by using a taboo word, like shit. Or fuck. Or nigger. Yes that’s right the ‘N’ word. Gasp

Now if you’re reading this paragraph I know you not a moron, or you’re a racist. If you are a racist you minus well stop reading now because I’m not a fascist. I do not form lynch mobs, well, not for that reason. Now for those of you who are not morons you know that ‘nigger’ is a word. It is a series of sounds spoken in the English tongue, a sound that has acquired a stigmata. The same thing has happened to words like ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’. Thanks to our modern way of life and certain prohibitions against their use, ahem* FCC *ahem, they have become locked into the category of ‘bad word’ when normally they would have rotated out of use by now.

In the past the ‘bad word’ category held such modern stunners as; crap, damn, thigh, breast, and the scorcher, the end all to end alls, the permanently-banned-from-church-if-you-dare-utter-it-aloud word: humbug. Yes gentle-folk, humbug was a no-no. Shit was, well, it was shit. Crap. Feces. Defecation leavings. Potty pythons.

Now according to linguists the words that ‘offend’ used to change all the time, they become commonplace and no longer shock or alarm people, then they would take their place in the ‘ proper’ language. But no. We went and made them off-limits. And if there is one constant in the universe, it is that humans desire what is deigned them. If it is taboo or offensive, we gotta get us some of that.

Anyway, be warned: I will write what I want, where I want, and with whatever shade of blood I want write to in.

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Personal Quote: Remember: I use the actual meaning of a word, not what you may think it means.



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Truthfully; It is not realy my style.
Assholes for eyes, shading and layer upon layer of smoothing and blurring.
Trapped yes, but in what? jello? Plastic? Porcelain? From one shade and texture to another; feathering and smoothing poorly combined; it only strength is its attempt to provoke disgust or a counter-culture response in young idiots who think they are goth.

In the end it only provoked the lightheated who hind behind a veil of dark; those who think they are kin to the darkness bit realy only flirt.

(And that is why I don't critique)
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