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Fuck their shit.
When the Paris attacks happened and I heard the Mistral (Frances largest, most powerful and prestigious amphibious assault ship) was loaded down with as many tanks and troops it could hold I clenched my fist in support.
When the Russians declared 'we will help' and bombed the shit out of targets losing several planes in accidents and defensive fire I thought it was the price on paid for defending from such an enemy. But they at least sent real support.

And now Belgium. The fuck did they do? Belgium, France light, the other french speaking land, the place that did nothing to you you fuckers.
I note they don't attack Russia anymore. They don't bomb Germany, they shy away from the USA  . why? Cowards. The latest bully on the block of the world like to attack the French, the Belgians, perhaps they will target Luxembourg next just to be sure they get all the realy hardcore people.

Fuck them. This was not even a barely passable sociological political attack.
Belgium has been the spunky upstart from the moment of their founding. They held out in WWI acting as a third front and pain in the side of the axis, and again WWII they had more to do with the underground than any but the French . . who edged them out in numbers but not percentage.

But the fuck is this? Did the little country arrest some people? Ask that some refugees move on because they were full up? ISIS just did the equivalent of attack the nice old lady next door. They kicked sand in the face of the nice guy from across the cul-de-sac and dumped shit on the face of the history teacher, the one you liked.
The fuck are they thinking? If every European leader does not take this personally  . . well I will be very surprised. No one has wanted to be the one to land troops and raze Syria to the ground. Fuck the proxy wars, Turkey and Iran have had their fun. Now send in the Mistral and her Leclearc Tank forces. Send in the Bundeswehr and their airdropped mini tanks . . in short I like tanks. And lets get the Marines in on it.
The US marines have not had much to do, lets give them something.
Hashtags used outside of the coding that needs the mark are stupid. but how about #RazeSyriaToTheGround.
Burn the towns. Salt the fields. If no one can live there no one will fight over it. They obviously want it. They keep asking for it. 'please attack us poor Muslims'. People make fun of our stupid president Bush for using the word crusade, well, fuck it, give them one. If they going to attack anyway, you minus well have the satisfaction of having given them the reason in the first place.

Stop trying to be the better person and knock the shit out of them. Land the foreign legion. Unleash the Germans, call in the Russians and ask for the Marines. Lets fuck some shit up and see where it splatters.

And a moment for France and Belgium. Those in the US remember what it was like after 9/11 and channel that feeling of impotent rage into calling for action. Not drones. Action. Marines. Send in some fucking marines.

But all things aside. Thinking of you Belgium. We'll keep the fires burning, take your rest and remember you mostly dutch and french bastards you held the Prussians off. A bunch of pig fucking assholes in  Syria are nothing.



United States
Words. You can start wars with them, you can bring peace with them, make laughter or tears with them, or in my case, be really, really annoying. But that’s what I do, I annoy you about something to make you think on what you do.

If someone accidentally sticks their hand in a blender and turns it on, the first words out of my mouth will be, ‘nice move, retard’ in very sarcastic tone. I figure that you already know it hurts and you are not alright, so I don’t ask what everyone else does when they see an accident, ‘are you ok?’

But I digress. Words. They have meaning. There are, as I see it, two reasons to use a word; one is the exact meaning and the other is the feel or image it evokes when read or spoken aloud. Its like ‘red’ and ‘crimson’. Their meaning is basically the same but to most people who read, truly read the meaning of words they are quite different. So as you read these collected thoughts, warnings and ramblings, please Remember: I use the actual meaning of a word, not what you may think it means.

Also while it may not always be my intent to offend or debase, as a theoretically free human of earth and the United States I will offend when I so choose, whether with a gaseous expelling of offensive olfactory stimulus, or by using a taboo word, like shit. Or fuck. Or nigger. Yes that’s right the ‘N’ word. Gasp

Now if you’re reading this paragraph I know you not a moron, or you’re a racist. If you are a racist you minus well stop reading now because I’m not a fascist. I do not form lynch mobs, well, not for that reason. Now for those of you who are not morons you know that ‘nigger’ is a word. It is a series of sounds spoken in the English tongue, a sound that has acquired a stigmata. The same thing has happened to words like ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’. Thanks to our modern way of life and certain prohibitions against their use, ahem* FCC *ahem, they have become locked into the category of ‘bad word’ when normally they would have rotated out of use by now.

In the past the ‘bad word’ category held such modern stunners as; crap, damn, thigh, breast, and the scorcher, the end all to end alls, the permanently-banned-from-church-if-you-dare-utter-it-aloud word: humbug. Yes gentle-folk, humbug was a no-no. Shit was, well, it was shit. Crap. Feces. Defecation leavings. Potty pythons.

Now according to linguists the words that ‘offend’ used to change all the time, they become commonplace and no longer shock or alarm people, then they would take their place in the ‘ proper’ language. But no. We went and made them off-limits. And if there is one constant in the universe, it is that humans desire what is deigned them. If it is taboo or offensive, we gotta get us some of that.

Anyway, be warned: I will write what I want, where I want, and with whatever shade of blood I want write to in.

Current Residence: la-la land
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL?
Favourite genre of music: The kind with sound
Favourite style of art: Traditional pen/pencil
Operating System: changes at random
MP3 player of choice: anything better than what i have
Shell of choice: The red ones. They home in so you don't have to aim.
Wallpaper of choice: I like tile walls.
Skin of choice: Uhh. Huh. Kinda racist here arn't we?
Favourite cartoon character: Alucard
Personal Quote: Remember: I use the actual meaning of a word, not what you may think it means.

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Assholes for eyes, shading and layer upon layer of smoothing and blurring.
Trapped yes, but in what? jello? Plastic? Porcelain? From one shade and texture to another; feathering and smoothing poorly combined; it only strength is its attempt to provoke disgust or a counter-culture response in young idiots who think they are goth.

In the end it only provoked the lightheated who hind behind a veil of dark; those who think they are kin to the darkness bit realy only flirt.

(And that is why I don't critique)
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